Sons and Daughters of the Incarcerated

Sons and Daughters of the Incarcerated is an intimate view of childhood through the eyes of Tre, Maison and Dasan - three boys whose lives are complicated by having a parent in prison. Following their interweaving trajectories through boyhood, and directly through their perspectives, we will experience the challenges of growing up, resiliency and what it means to become a man.

These children represent three separate and diverse experiences of having a parent in prison, tied together through the thread of boyhood – learning to be a man where masculinity is pre-defined by the stigma of parental incarceration.

Through the families, our unprecedented access to the Rhode Island Correctional Facility, and most importantly the relationships that we have built with the kids over the past two years, Sons and Daughters of the Incarcerated will patiently immerse the audience, allowing the viewer to connect with these children for who they are.